AJ Garcia Photography: B-Sides and Raw

Photographer located in San Diego.

This is my work diary of raw images, finished and unfinished work, experiments, and behind the scenes. A place to show off my vision.

May Contain Nudity (18+)


Respecting Creatives of all types

I don’t usually post stuff that bothers me but here is something I feel is kind of important to any one who is an artist. I see too many times fellow artists not respecting other artists in terms of stealing/appropriating others creative work in different mediums.

By this I mean I see a ton of photographers complain about people stealing images but have no issue sticking music they obviously have no permission to use on their website (which if you are still sticking music onyour web portfolio, especially auto play, in this day and age, that’s questionable judgement to begin with and another conversation for another time).

Too many DJ’s/ Musicians liberally taking photographs without permission. Seeing creative types of all mediums bragging about or promoting the bootlegging of movies/music, etc. Even too many creatives I see just taking jokes they see on twitter, tumblr, the interwebs, etc and posting it, verbatim, on their facebook, twitter as if it’s their own (hey, comedians are creatives too)

It’s sad because we fight constantly for people to respect our work, give credit where it’s due but have no qualms of doing it to others outside of our field. We can’t expect people to respect our work, our creative talents if we ourselves don’t respect others, and do so frivolously without a second thought. Please keep this in mind the next time you want to appropriate ANY work by someone that isn’t your own.


That awkward moment when handing the cashier your debit card and you both accidentally touch hands….

When will the fullset featuring Alexandria be up on your website?

A question by Anonymous

Honestly, not sure. I don’t have it scheduled out yet with her sets. I still have a couple of sets of photos of her I have yet to finish (I think I have 3 done so far and there is maybe 2, possibly 3 left). I may just wait to finish them before deciding which ones I want to put up on my site.

Further to the point, something people don’t realize about me, what goes up on my website, and when, is so ridiculously random. I have insanely good shoots I haven’t put up there because I’m not in the mood for it yet, or I just put up a set of the same girl and don’t want to put too many at once. There is no order, sometimes new sets are brand new (as in shot within past 2 weeks) or older (i finished them a year ago and just not feeling in the mood to post them in full)

There’s no rhyme or reason on how, what or when I choose to put stuff up. I just put them up when I feel like it’s time to put something up, haha.  


Everyone else: Ugh, I spend more time looking for something to watch on Netflix than actually watching something. There’s never anything good on Netflix.

Me: Holy Shit, they just added a TON of PBS documentaries to Netflix!! Time to make some popcorn….


My phone is a Galaxy Note, which I love for the huge screen, but definitely can make surfing tumblr while at Starbucks an awkward endeavor….