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This is my work diary of raw images, finished and unfinished work, experiments, and behind the scenes. A place to show off my vision.

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It’s been almost 3 weeks.

I disappeared for awhile. I’ve decided to share something publicly which I never do. Of course I’ve chosen Tumblr since I don’t believe many friends and family even have Tumblr. Makes it easier. 

For years I’ve suffered from depression. It took me even a long time to suspect it was an issue. After some big life changing events when I was 19 I hit a down point and required a change. Even at that time I still didn’t accept the fact of what it was. 

I genuinely feel photography saved my life. It became an outlet and a renewed purpose and passion after many things failed to do so. My depression fuels my work, both positively and negatively. Sometimes it motivates me to work, to ignore the problems. Other times it causes me to shut down entirely. 

Unfortunately the past couple of years doing it professionally has started to move my self back into a negative track. Basically shooting professionally has hurt me and made me regress more into the shut down phase. I love shooting, I tend to dislike a lot of the other aspects of it.

I was having a bad episode when the suicide of Robin Williams popped up. It hit personally since at the time, it made total sense to me. That of course bothered me and after a couple of weeks decided I truly needed to make a change. I think I will continue the trend of shooting less and less for a living, and strictly shooting for personal reasons.

I truly don’t know the point of this post. But I guess it simply informs people why sometimes I disappear and have my phone off for a week or more at a time. It’s also a way for me to finally accept my issues, both with depression and ADHD (the former probably heavily influenced by the struggle with the latter). 

It’s also a way to let others know that may struggle with similar issues that, they aren’t alone. It’s ok to be this way. There is nothing wrong looking for help. I know how hard it can be to do so. 

Out of curiosity, do you only shoot with those who have experience?

A question by grim-hearted

Not at all. In fact the majority of stuff I’ve posted the last month or so are first or second timers :) Even the “Revival” set I posted here and on my website is of a newbie. 

I’ve just been obsessed with working on photos and tumblr today. I have a ton of stuff I just want to post but I’ll spread them out throughout at the week ;-) 

will you be doing more photography in Puerto Rico? i really hope so you're an amazing photographer and i love your pictures you make women look empowered and pretty instead of seductive and sexual and i love it

A question by accelmyworld

Aww, thank you. That’s definitely what I go for so I’m glad it comes out in my work. 

I plan on continuing too. I’ll be going to do a personal project that will be different from my usual stuff (it will be more photo journalism/photo documentary) hence part of the reason I’m going, but I hope to continue what I do here. 

I’m planning on overdoing the photoshoots before I leave so I have a ton of stuff to work on while I’m getting settled in Puerto Rico. I’ll have to start fresh with my networking to find new people, new friends, and brushing up on my Spanish, hahaha (since communication during a photoshoot is so vital, more important than the technical skills of using a camera, this last one will be crucial)

My concern is it doesn’t have the same kind of community for this kind of work as So Cal does (though to be honest there isn’t many places that can match Southern California for what I do so it would be unfair to have that kind of expectations) 

But, I hope. We will just have to see how it works out. 

It’s August.

I have about a month left in San Diego/ So Cal before moving to Puerto Rico, and it’s already more than half booked. So anyone who is still looking to book better get on it :)