AJ Garcia Photography: B-Sides and Raw

Photographer located in San Diego.

This is my work diary of raw images, finished and unfinished work, experiments, and behind the scenes. A place to show off my vision.

May Contain Nudity (18+)


That One Time in the Elevator.

I was recently reminded of an awkward incident at a shoot once and thought I’d share because it is rather funny. 

A few years ago I was doing a day of shooting in an old apartment complex in middle of Downtown San Diego. It was an old factory building that was somehow renovated into apartments, and that a friend of mine lived in. We used to shoot a lot in this place.

We were finding all the odd places in the apartment complex, the nooks and crannies and shooting in them. Shot in the basement parking garage with the model walking around it nude. The building was usually empty. 

At one point we shot her nude in one of the elevators, which was rather large (probably from the factory days). I stepped in the door frame to keep the elevator from moving and for my focal length to work. Got some shots and at one point I wanted to do a quick review of them. At this moment she wanted to see so of course I didn’t see the harm in showing her while i was looking. 

While we looked, I had fully entered the elevator, and became oblivious to that fact. As we were reviewing the images I suddenly noticed the elevator was moving; someone had hit the call button. In a frantic moment she tried to throw quickly throw on the tshirt and shorts she had, but we caught it too late. The door opened and in comes a younger couple, not much older than ourselves, with their dog. With no real escape (she had gotten her shirt on but was still bottomless. She had her back to the corner and was covering herself so she didn’t want to move since her rear would be exposed) we endured the 6 floor ride down to the bottom in silence, while the couple grinned and smirked at us. 

After they left we busted out laughing in the elevator at how ridiculous of a scenario it was. One of the many awkward scenarios you may get into when trying to shoot anything even semi risque in more public places. (and one of many such scenarios I’ve gotten into)

It’s interesting how easy it is to edit down and finish pictures that are a year old that never got finished. It’s like once the pressure of trying to please people involved, clients, etc and start just picking for yourself, the images just flow.